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Choose the computer case is this a few strokes

Release time:2014-07-25 18:08 author:admin

Internet cafes chassis occupies a very important position in the Internet bar,it is a computer to ensure stable running. A good security good heat dissipation case become the preferred parameters of Internet cafe owners.The following major matters needing attention, for everyone to introduce to buy computer case when, in order to help Internet bar owners choose acost-effective high-quality Internet cafes chassis.

Internet cafes chassis appearance:

Everyone has the heart of beauty. The chassis, an elegant design, colorcomputer case appropriate tend to get more customers, and the shapestandard, highlights the lack of case products are less likely to be welcomed by consumers.

A personality full flavor of Internet cafes chassis usually reflected by several parts, first of all is the natural color of the product. Such as: take a full set ofwhite, or silver white, or black, or blue. The second is the design of the chassis, such as the drive protection sliding or open side cover, streamline design, rectangular.

At present, the shape is simple cuboid, gradually become streamlined.There are some cabinet manufacturers to make their products can achieve the overall coordination, introduced including chassis, keyboard and mouse, or display, suit, the suit case overall effect tend to be more brandmachine, sales is considerable. But here need to remind you is, marketsome poor chassis although also has a good appearance, but in the plasticor Jerry post-processing paint, may have a pungent chemical odor, affectthe health of human body.

Another important point is that some case follow apple machine translucent design, often people feel very fashionable is very beautiful, but the materialand not through the electromagnetic certification, that is to say on human health is not guaranteed. So my friends in the selection of the chassis, don't put the price as a measure of product quality standard, after all, the casequality will directly affect the level of the health of users. So my friends in the selection of the chassis, don't put the price as a measure of productquality standard, after all, the case quality will directly affect the level of the health of users.

Internet cafes chassis function:

If a person has a beautiful face and a lack of inner cultivation, often known as the "flower vase". As one of the main parts of computer chassis and so.From the long-term view, a good product not only need to have fashionappearance, inner function is complete and a customer an important index to examine it.

Internet cafes chassis are generally have front USB and audio jack.Provides great convenience for the front USB interface plug external USB device, and the audio port can only be from the brand machine learning tolaugh uproariously, practicality is not strong, because it uses the interface to the 3.5mm jack, the interface only sound card back only, if you use must be removed a piece of the chassis bezel this wire is worn out can be very small, meaning. In addition, with the computer accessories power rising,essential to a good case is radiating properties it has. In view of this, the American computer chassis manufacturers in front of Internet cafes chassiswith fan, in the lower part of the chassis power supply fan installed on, even in the CD-ROM panel, under the cabinet panel at the reserve add faninterface and marking. These design, have greatly enhanced the heat dissipation. In addition, the only brand machine to see the function, has been ported to the DIY case market. For example, temperature control anddisplay the earliest found in some brand computer, namely in the case panel with a LCD screen, can directly display the internal chassistemperature and other information. Now, this technology has been adopted to some high-grade chassis. There are those in the brand computer hasdual mode function better applications have also been chassismanufacturers introduced here, launched with double / multi mode functioncase products. In addition, the design of some humanity is also reflected inthe power supply chassis package, such as free 4PIN switch power supply interface, directly connected to the CD-ROM can not start to appreciate CD.

Internet cafes chassis materials:

Steel parts major Internet cafes chassis material can be divided into the frame and panel shell plastic parts. High quality Internet cafes chassis front panel of plastic, it is made of ABS engineering plastic. Chassis front panelmade of plastics such strong stability, high hardness, long-term use of non fading and cracking, wiping more convenient. The inferior computer case is used in the ordinary plastic chassis front panel, a long time on the yellow,slotted easily broken disassembly process. High quality chassis using SECCor SGCC galvanized steel, the material chassis plate color shiny, metallic luster, advantages of this steel is strong corrosion resistance. But someinferior chassis using tin plate, also known as tinplate, chassis plate color gray. In addition, the chassis frame can also be removed housing hard with the hand shake. High quality case should be relatively stable, while the poor chassis light shaking, heavy deformation of corner separation. Inferiorchassis using steel texture is soft, mounting card when inaccurate positioning is easy to cause the installation is difficult, so we must pay attention to.

Advanced paint technology

Major Internet cafes chassis adopts advanced paint technology, so the panel permanent is so new won't fade away to paint. The Americancomputer case panel painting, is very symmetrical, and very delicate.

Manufacturing process of high

Major Internet cafes chassis technology is relatively high, the edge of the steel plate will not have sharp edges, burrs,