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                 Rotary egg tray forming machine with multi drying line 

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of egg tray machinery for 15 lbs, 17 lbs, 20 lbs egg trays, egg boxes, 6 cavity, 12 cavity, 18 cavity, we also manufacture mold tools for pulp molded products as per your sample and requirement. We manufacture pulp molded egg tray machine for different type of egg trays and egg boxes.

Egg Tray Making Process

Pulping system

Making pulp is the first step to make the egg tray, NANYA company will controy the quality from the first step to the last step. In this step, you need to prepare the raw material, such as newspaper, carton box. Then put the raw material into the hydrapulper to make the pulp. And adjust the pulp to the required concentration. 

Forming system

After ajust the required concentration pulp, then will enter the second step: to form the egg tray. In this step, main equipments is the rotary forming machine, consisted  of 8pcs of forming platens and 1 pc of transferring platen; egg tray molds can be mounted on each forming platen.This rotary forming machine is for mass capacity. Forming efficiency:13-15cycels/min.Equipped with Vacuum auto drain system, auto cleaning system for the forming mold,   preheating system and auto control cabinet.


Drying system

After forming, the egg tray will enter the drying system automatically; This is a multi- drying system. It can save energy and factory area ; The temperature of each section can be adjusted independently; burners with international famous brand.The energy of option: LPG,nature gas, diesel oil. Equipped with auto control cabinet.


Stacking system


The finished products will be counted and stacked automatically after drying

related model as following:


 Model Capacity Hydrapulper Forming machine Drying line Workshop size recommendation Power requirement
ER3000-B 3000 2.5m³,37kw 8sides,3pcs/unit 20m*2.2m*4m Length≧40m;
ER4000-B 4000 3.2m³,55kw 8sides,4pcs/unit 22m*2.6m*4m Length≧40m;
ER5000-B 5000 3.2m³,55kw 8sides,5pcs/unit 22m*3m*4m Length≧40m;
ER6000-B 6000 5m³,75kw 8sides,6pcs/unit 22m*3.4m*4m Length≧40m;
  1. Capacity of the equipment is based on the 30-packed egg tray with the size 300*300mm and the dry weight 65g-70g
  2. For different capacity, customized allocation according to clients’ requirement is available
  3. Workshop size is for reference only and can be adjusted according to actual size of clients’ plant